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Welcome to our CAWS website!

World History to the 16th Century students!
I am looking forward to a great semester. There are many great learning experiences that I plan to do with you. My goal is to introduce you to as many fascinating civilizations as possible in the time we have with the hope that you will be inspired to continue researching cultures of interest on your own with the tools of historical enquiry that we develop as a class.
Just as historians do not work in a bubble but work with archaeologists, anthropologists and other social scientists, we will explore and learn in groups. I want you to take the lead in your learning and come to your own conclusions as we journey through our history.

Big Questions We Will Grapple With

Change and Continuity:  Why did some civilizations endure while others disappeared? How and why do certain aspects of earlier civilizations continue through to present day? What is it about some civilizations that enables them to develop and grow for thousands of years and others last only centuries? Where does our civilizations fit on the spectrum: will ours endure (and for how long) or disappear? What will the next civilization look like? What things have changed and what things have stayed the same?
What civilization rates the highest on the scale in terms of advancement or development in the accepted criteria? How does our civilization rate in relation? What is an "advanced" civilization? Are we living in an "advanced" civilization or have we merely borrowed from other civilizations?

 Grade 9 Canadian Geography Students!!

 Welcome to our website! We will have a busy but great semester together. We will explore geography with a focus on Canada and the world, economic geography, mapping and physical geography, human geography and sustainability.

Some of the big issues and questions we will explore solutions to include: How can we reduce our impact on our environment? How much does geography effect human settlement now compared to the past? What role does the economy and economics play in geography? How much does human geography effect physical geography? What is sustainability? What should be considered when planning landuse and communities? Are some cultures more prone to impact their environment negatively than others? What is our carbon footprint? What things can be done to reduce the negative impact humans have on the earth? Should places like Las Vegas be able to take water from other regions?

On the Grade 9 Geography page you will find past lessons including any media, list of readings, and graphic organizers used. Assignments, quizzes and culminating tasks will also be posted there. Check it out!!

There  is also a grade 9 forum where you can post questions for me or your classmates to respond to. Remember school appropriate language and topics must be used.

Ways to communicate

If you want to communicate with myself or your classmates, you can do it via your forum. I am also reachable via email at I check my email daily and on weekends and holidays and will respond as soon as I read it. Please feel free to talk to me about anything. I also have an open door policy at school so you can come talk to me any time. I am either in room 132, 142 or the CAWS office.

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