Ms. Westgate's CAWS website
For a description of how Christmas is celebrated by christians around the world: 
A FANTASTIC site for finding the festivals and celebrations for the month of December around the world go to 
World Party allows you to choose the country, month, and features to search for and then posts the appropriate festivals that you can select to get the detailed infor
History channel for videos and information for many cultural celebrations: 
For geographical information and images go to
Use Wikipedia for extensive lists of musicians from your culture.
For artists a good source is Olga's Gallery at
For maps and basic geographical information another source is Maps of World at
For writers a good starting point is World Literature Index at which has writers listed by country
For population pyramids a good source is the International Data Base Entry - U.S. Census Bureau at 
Just select your country, submit and them select the population pyramid tab. It will give you a population pyramid that goes up to 2050 which you can analyze for possible reasons for immigration. If you go to the main page, you can also do other searches for birth and death rates, etc.
Look for your country's tourist information sites. They will give you a wealth of information, links and images.  Fodor's Travel Guides may be a good place to start at
You can even see and hear some of the languages online using this site!!!

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